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Bank the Food

5 December 2023

You might have seen our shopping list of items the foodbank needs on our website or recently handed out in supermarkets.

Did you know that you can use your mobile phone to access up-to-the-minute food needs via an app? (BankTheFood)

BankTheFood is a registered charity who have developed an app to help ensure that foodbanks (like ours across Norwich) always have the supply of items needed in real-time.

The app is free to download on your mobile phone and alerts you of the items our foodbank would appreciate. You can opt into receiving alerts when you enter a supermarket too!

You can then leave your kind donations at the suggested drop-off points. The cost of living is rising and more people are needing access to emergency food and support. At Norwich Foodbank, we want to ensure that we have enough resources to ensure that those in need are supported in a timely manner.

We truly appreciate all the help that is given thank you!

Follow this link to download the app



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